Enterprise Data Center Solutions

Connectivity, Infrastructure & Security Solutions for Data Centers

Our approach emphasizes standardization. Belden’s products are engineered to work together for faster and less complex installation while our global network of certified partners is trained in the specialized requirements for all kinds of data center deployments.

Scalable Solutions Supporting seamless growth requirements

From turnkey compute and storage requirements to customized enterprise and industrial infrastructure requirements, Belden data center solutions seamlessly integrate functional areas while delivering on scalability, sustainability, industry standards and cybersecurity requirements.



Uptime Assurance High-quality cable & connectivity for reliable data transmission

Our data center portfolio spans high quality network and server enclosures, cable and airflow management, intelligent power distribution, environmental monitoring and physical and cybersecurity solutions to assure uptime for virtually any data center environment or application.



Efficiency Maximization High-density, high-data-rate & cost effective solutions

From high-density solutions calling for twice the connections in the same amount of space to customizing a data center based on unique requirements, we guarantee sensible pricing, quick deployment and maximum efficiency.



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Belden's infrastructure products are engineered to work together to optimize performance & provide a seamless deployment workflow.

Why Choose a Belden Enterprise Data Center Solution?

Global Footprint

Through global partnerships, we can scale innovation, extend our reach, solve complex challenges and harness unique strengths and abilities. Belden may have plants across the globe, but we’re always close by. We serve customers globally while providing local support.

Minimize Risk

In the world of data centers, risk translates to downtime and service disruption. Belden solutions are designed to minimize that risk by reducing the opportunity for human error, using high-quality materials and manufacturing processes, and making maintenance and moves, adds and changes fast and simple.

Power & Cooling Accuracy

Improved power and cooling leads to better data center performance. From removing high heat loads to improving data center airflow to reducing cooling loads, Belden has solutions to improve power and cooling accuracy.

Energy Efficiency, Usage & Costs Improvements

Data centers offer a tremendous opportunity for energy and cost savings—and Belden can help you get there. Our solutions boost efficiency to improve operating costs and performance while saving space. Every dollar saved on energy costs or real estate can be redirected toward improvements to the end-user experience.

Staff Productivity

Standardized data center solutions simplify IT infrastructure, allowing more efficient operations at lower overall costs. Products that follow consistent installation and maintenance processes—and are designed and manufactured to fit together—lead to faster, less complex installation and maintenance.

Network Scalability

Our scalable solutions can quickly accommodate sudden workload changes—from increased traffic flow and higher numbers of devices to sudden drops in data volume. By standardizing connectivity infrastructure, you can quickly ramp up installation of a new pod or provide framework and flexibility for moves, adds and changes.