Accelerate digitization and achieve heightened reliability, efficiency, safety and sustainability


Belden’s agile, vendor-agnostic approach allows deployment of flexible, custom-fit solutions that leverage existing infrastructure, while building a future-ready substation and smart grid network.


With our connected energy solution, Belden empowers power companies to accelerate digitization and outperform industry benchmarks in three key operational areas:


Operational area #1Substation automation system

3 common network or system levels:

  • Station level
  • Bay level
  • Process level

Operational area #2Smart grid

Operational telecommunications:

  • Over a WAN
  • Connects all together
  • Based on data transport technology

Operational area #3Load dispatch centers

Centralized operations management:

  • Control center
  • Oversees the PT&D network
  • Single or multiple locations 



Belden operational areas labeled and illustrated. substation automation system, smart grid and load dispatch center seen.