Mass Transit

Improve performance with comprehensive digital solutions for mass transit operations

Exceed asset utilization goals. Satisfy passengers’ need for connection. Achieve both with a customized Belden Connected Rail solution.


Take control of your entire transit system

The onset of the digital age has heralded a new era for the mass transit industry, transforming it in ways that were previously unimaginable. Digital Transformation in the transit sector is not merely about integrating the latest technologies; it represents a fundamental shift in how transportation systems operate, communicate, and serve the public.


With a Belden Connected Rail System solution, you control, manage and visualize your entire mass transit system – trains, tracks, trackside/wayside, stations and operational control centers – united on a powerful communication network.


Our agile, future-ready network infrastructure can scale to include your ideal technology mix. Gain system-wide visibility, enjoy reliable connectivity, enhance security and safety, and ultimately decrease inefficiency to realize the increased margins you and your company need to be successful.


Boost operational efficiency and improve overall experience

When you use a Belden Connected Rail solution you leap ahead in the journey toward modernization and automation. Just imagine what you can accomplish:


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Enhanced safety & security

passenger experience

Insightful predictive


 Better labor

 Efficient asset


Explore the elements of a connected rail solution



Element 1The Connected Train Network

Establish connections onboard rolling-stock assets

Learn about connected train networks


Element 2The Connected Trackside/Wayside Network

Provide connectivity for trackside/wayside equipment

Learn about connected trackside/wayside networks


Element 3The Connected Station Network

Enable communications for in-station systems

Learn about connected station networks


Element 4The Connected Backbone and OCC Network

Create a backbone for the OT network

Learn about connected backbone and OCC networks

infographic showing how the 4 digital solutions elements for mass transit markets connect




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