Boost Warehouse Productivity with a Robust Network Solution

With Belden as your end-to-end network solutions provider, you can confidently pursue digitization to achieve new warehouse productivity goals.


 Create the Automated, Connected Warehouse of the Future

At Belden, we're setting the standard for connected warehouse automation. Watch our short video to learn how we drive digital transformation that delivers unified network control and fail-safe performance.


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Industry 4.0 and digitization offer new operational efficiency in manufacturing and drive significant change in how customers want their products delivered. As material handlers prioritize production speed and customer choice, demand increases for automation that can ensure accurate, timely delivery will continue to rise.


Full automation will radically differentiate your warehouse from the competition, giving you the power to serve customers better and save costs. Intelligent automation can:

  • Decrease the number of packing label failures.
  • Enable one-click access to information about in-stock material.
  • Reveal the cause of a conveyor belt issue in a matter of seconds.

These examples provide just a taste of the added value automation can bring to your everyday management of scarce resources and materials.

Network automation plays a central role. A fully integrated solution from Belden and our partners provides root cause analysis, a dashboard to track metrics, and digitized standard operating procedures. These and other tools will solve your warehouse challenges and improve your operational KPIs.


Outcomes of a Robust Network in an Automated Warehouse

  • Future-proof network infrastructure to support current and new technologies.
  • Gain visibility into your workforce and processes to eliminate network blind spots, bottlenecks, and errors.
  • Enable automation solutions to track, store and ship more goods, reducing labor and facility costs.

The Pathway to an Automated Warehouse
For maximum efficiency and value, Belden has mapped five major design elements crucial to successfully connecting warehouse assets and workers.

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Material Handling Solution Brief

Boosting Labor Productivity in Your Warehouse

Belden's Labor Productivity Solution for material handlers addresses the most critical challenge on the path to automation - the slow, error-prone human that create inefficiencies and waste.

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