Build the Backbone Network

Transmit reliable and secure data in real time by connecting your workforce and machinery.


Your machines produce an immense amount of information giving tremendous insight into your operations, and additional sensors can fill in gaps. To get the most out of your resources, you want a rightsized network that connects workers and machines to make decisions based on the best quality data. Data needs near real-time reliable, secure transmission throughout your facility. Focus on:


1. Secured zones to produce and manage machine data

2. OT aggregation networking to move data between zones

3. OT to IT connections to bring the enterprise-level resources to bear



Secured Zone Connectivity

white and light blue lock and network logo on top of a laptop 


Each zone within a facility fulfills a different step in the end-to-end process, and the needs within zones may differ. Differences between zones require flexible, scalable between-zone infrastructure that allows for control and monitoring of connections.

OT Aggregation Networking

Digital map of global connections


If the messaging between control systems isn't controlled then the traffic takes bandwidth away from other mission-critical functions. The aggregation layer provides a highly reliable and secure channel with adequate bandwidth for transmission of all critical data. Modularity in the infrastructure devices is key to right-sizing the network.



OT and IT

OT-IT computer lab


Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems need order entry and operational planning data from enterprise layers, and office personnel need machine-layer performance data to evaluate effectiveness. The increasing demands for agility and real-time status increase the importance of defining how the OT and IT networks interface.




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