Solutions to Keep Data Flowing in            Oil & Gas Production Environments

Network Visibility & Monitoring Solutions

As the oil and gas industry moves toward digital, Industry 4.0, IIoT and internet protocols, opportunities for cyberattacks and threats also increase. A multilayered and nuanced cybersecurity solution designed to fit your existing infrastructure can help prevent attacks, monitor for potential threats and control access so you can focus on safety and production—and not worry about downtime.

Belden’s cybersecurity, network visibility and monitoring solutions are designed to let you see what is on your network, how it is working, what is happening in real time and what might stand in the way of high performance.

  • Our integrated portfolio of integrity control, policy management, vulnerability assessment & log intelligence is highly automated to reduce time spent fighting audit fires.
  • Discover & profile all assets on your network and get immediate security alerts for quick resolution.
  • Monitor network nodes using iOS or Android mobile devices from any location via WLAN, Ethernet or cellular.
  • Efficiently achieve & maintain compliance through automated controls that continuously monitor and report on suspicious conditions.
  • Broadest library of built-in templates covering the standards, security policies & regulatory requirements oil & gas.

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