Belden Announces Q4 Product Line Extensions to Innovative Cable and Connectivity Solutions


St. Louis, Missouri – Nov. 11, 2019 – Belden Inc., a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, is excited to announce several product line extensions in Q4 2019 that help installers and end-users reduce costs and speed up installation.

An addition to the growing REVConnect Connectivity line, the REVConnect Coupler Patch Panel is fully assembled and arrives with REVConnect Couplers that are ready to terminate. Designed for fast installation, removable six-port modules provide front access termination; single-port modularity allows for quick, cost-effective repair if a connection needs to be replaced. Available with 24 or 48 ports, the patch panel utilizes one termination method for all components and exceeds Category 6A standards.


Another addition to the REVConnect Connectivity line, the REVConnect Indoor/Outdoor FlexPlug can connect to any end device using an RJ45 connection. Outdoor-rated and UV-resistant, the FlexPlug can be deployed in tight spaces and in applications where typical field-terminated plugs can’t be used. It also eliminates the need for a jack, biscuit box and patch cord for fast installation with fewer components and lower material costs.


To expand its New Generation® Waterdog Cable line, Belden released several new cables that offer smaller sizes, higher conductor counts and shielding options. As ruggedized, water-resistant/direct-burial cables that support security and building management systems, WATERDOG Cables allow seamless connectivity indoors and out, as well as above or below ground. The cable line meets UL water-resistance standards and TIA water-filtration tests and is available in a variety of paired, multi-conductor or coaxial cable options.


Designed to support high-density optical distribution frame systems, Belden offersFiberExpress 1.6 mm Fiber Patch Cords and Multi-Fiber Trunks with 1.6 mm jacketed legs. With a small cable OD, the assemblies are designed to manage cable density and allow for airflow. Available in many length, color, fiber and connector configurations, they’re quick and easy to pull and install. They also offer simple polarity management with easy-to-use LC Duplex clips.


To test electrical and optical circuits at the same time, Belden offers its simple-to-use SMPTE Tester. Featuring an OLED backlit display, the tester can be easily viewed indoors and outdoors and has a rechargeable battery that lasts for 40 hours.


Belden’s 4K UHD Coax Cable for 12G-SDI uses a single cable to provide a 12 GHz signal as opposed to dual-link or quad-link configurations required in the past. This innovation reduces the number of coax cables needed, cutting down on space, weight and expenses. Belden has expanded its 12 GHz line of coax cables to include riser, plenum, flexible, LSZH and multi-coax snake constructions in various sizes – including a new plenum RG-59 cable.


Adding to its strong and ruggedized ReelTuff packaging line, more Belden cables are now available in ReelTuff packaging. ReelTuff boxes are lighter to carry than boxes with wooden reels and offer tear-resistant, easy-to-access, reinforced handles. With multiple convenient dispensing holes for vertical pulls from stacked boxes, easy-to-read labels and descending length marking on the cable, installation has never been faster or easier.


Resolving signal transmission needs with IP- and legacy-based solutions that enable a smooth migration to convergence requires a universal approach for enterprise environments. Only Belden’s innovative enterprise connectivity solutions take this universal approach. Belden’s extensive portfolio spans LAN, data centers, building automation and security and access control to keep information running smoothly. Outstanding global service and support capabilities and application-specific warranty programs complete Belden’s unique offering.