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Belden Announces New Connect with Community Program in June 2020


ST. LOUIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Belden Inc. (NYSE: BDC), a leading global supplier of specialty networking solutions, announced a company-wide program to support communities in impacting the lives of disadvantaged groups. Belden’s new Connect with Community program encourages employees to take a direct role in bettering their communities and improving opportunities for those who are most disadvantaged.

“Our local communities are the foundation of our society. A fair and just society needs thriving communities where everyone has an opportunity to learn, grow and be the very best version of themselves,” said Roel Vestjens, President and Chief Executive Officer of Belden. “I am pleased to announce an initiative that will help each member of our Belden team play a role in improving the lives and opportunities for people in their communities.”


Belden Connect with Community Program Details

  • All Belden employees will receive up to 5 days of paid leave to volunteer with a formal, registered charity or local community organization. The purpose of the volunteering organization should be to improve the lives of disadvantaged groups in the local community.

  • Belden will increase its matching gift program to 2X the employee’s contribution with no contribution ceiling. Employees can boost their own support to registered charities and organizations which play a role in helping improve our communities.

  • In order to provide long-term opportunities through great jobs in science, engineering and technology, Belden will increase the volume of equipment it donates to organizations that enable youth in diverse groups to learn fundamental skills for careers in these fields. Belden will play a leading role in providing support to establish careers in the engineering and technology fields.

Mr. Vestjens continued, “I realize that in many ways these changes make only a small impact. But every small step we make together has the potential to influence the thoughts and actions of others. At Belden, we do not and will not tolerate any form of discrimination. We have no place for racism or any other forms of prejudice, and we hope that by improving our communities, we can ensure that everyone has the very best opportunity to succeed.”


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