Belden acquires NetModule AG


Belden, a leading global supplier of specialty networking solutions, is pleased to add NetModule AG and its talented team to its portfolio.


NetModule AG leads in providing reliable, fast and secure wireless network infrastructures in a variety of mission critical industries with a strong focus on mass transit and intelligent traffic systems. They are headquartered in Bern, Switzerland, with approximately 70 employees located primarily in Bern, Switzerland and Frankfurt, Germany.


NetModule will be integrated into Belden’s Industrial Automation structure and accelerate capabilities within wireless technology. NetModule’s offering will allow the company to expand the applications it serves to continue to meet the growing network requirements of its customers.


Furthermore, the addition of NetModule technology will drive advanced capabilities in 5G and WiFi6 technologies, enhance performance and reliability in demanding industrial environments, and provide an established presence in on board train and vehicle applications to Belden’s solution offerings.


For more information, contact:


Joachim Kiera
Director, Business Development
+49 7127 14-1524

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