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Industrial Communication Solutions

ProSoft Technology solutions focus on connectivity, optimization, modernization, and migration challenges in a variety of industries. ProSoft’s industrial communication solutions enable dissimilar automation control equipment to share information and transfer critical control data through wired and wireless connectivity. ProSoft solutions are at the center of the emerging Industrial Internet of Things and are used worldwide in every industry.

ProSoft Technology Product Families


Secure Remote Connectivity

Remotely control your equipment from anywhere in the world. ProSoft's remote connectivity solutions, managed in Belden Horizon, simplify the process, enable streamlined setup, and reduce the strain on your local resources. Read more.


Built-for-Purpose Gateways

ProSoft Technology’s standalone industrial gateways enable protocol conversion between disparate equipment. The data the gateways help you collect can improve predictive maintenance, reduce downtime, and decrease energy usage. Read more.



Ultra-Reliable Industrial Wireless

ProSoft’s industrial wireless hotspots enable reliable, ultra-fast connectivity in your busiest applications. Can be used in conjunction with functional safety protocols, and to quickly connect mobile equipment in logistics facilities. Read more.

Modernize Legacy Equipment

Update your legacy equipment on your schedule – and before you need a rip-and-replace. With a phased modernization, you can limit downtime. Modernizing also helps boost IIoT connectivity within your facility, thanks to protocols used in newer PACs. Read more.

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World-Class Technical Support

ProSoft offers free technical support in each region for the life of the product.


Software Downloads

ProSoft’s free software resources allow for easier integration and wireless network design.


Wireless Services

From site surveys to post-installation support, our field engineers work with you each step of the way. 

Featured Products


Modbus Router

The Modbus Router enables EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP and Modbus RTU connectivity for field devices, then allows customers to send that data to a processor or SCADA system.
ProSoft Technology’s Modbus Router serves dual purposes. As a traditional gateway, it converts data from one protocol to another. In addition, it can be used as a router, enabling Modbus data from the module’s serial ports to be forwarded to its Ethernet port.


Discover all the great features and why this is a versatile solution with streamlined installation.


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Industrial Cellular Gateway

The ICX35-HWC Industrial Cellular Gateway is used for any remote connectivity applications like remote access, SCADA connectivity to remote sites, or M2M communications.
It is the ideal communications solution for system integrators and OEMs that need to monitor devices that are in hard-to-reach spots.
The ICX35-HWC can be monitored through Belden Horizon™, Belden’s IT-secure and OT-friendly cloud-native platform for the Industrial Internet of Things. This service can be accessed anytime, anywhere in the world, offering the user a secure and intuitive Web interface to monitor their automation devices in real time.

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