Mini Distribution Fiber Cable

Belden's Mini-Distribution cables are ideal for indoor applications, including Base 12 networks. Their 250µm sub-unitized fiber construction provide the basis for MPO terminations while reducing size and weight. These cables maintain compatibility with traditional LC/SC/ST terminations utilizing simple breakout kits and also enable labor saving mass fusion splicing.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast Field Termination: Enables mass fusion splicing which saves time and labour
  • Design Flexibility: Fiber counts from 8-144, PVC and LSZH jackets, LC/SC/ST compatible
  • Offers Tight Bend-Radius: Smaller cable subunits (2 mm, 3 mm) supports tighter cable routing
  • Supports high-density: Lightweight and smaller cables allows more cables to run in conduit
  • Technical Detail
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