7x FE TX, 3x FE/GE SFP, 1x FE/GE Combo, 9.6-32 V DC, -40-+60°C, Lite Managed

Lite Managed Rail-Mount Industrial Ethernet/Fast-Ethernet Switch with 7 x 10/100BASE-TX, 3x 100/1000BASE-FX SFP, 1x Combo (10/100/1000BASE-TX and 100/1000BASE-FX SFP), Store and Forward Switching Mode, HiEOS Layer 2 Software
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Product description

Port type and quantity

7x FE TX, 3x FE/GE SFP, 1x FE/GE

More Interfaces

Power supply/signaling contact

1 x plug-in terminal block, 6-pin

Network size - length of cable

Twisted pair (TP)

0 - 100 m

Power requirements

Operating Voltage

24 VDC

Power consumption


Power output in BTU (IT)/h




Static Unicast/Multicast Address Entries, VLAN (802.1Q), Independent VLAN Learning, QoS/Port Prioritization (802.1D/p), TOS/DSCP Prioritization, CoS Queue Management, Queue-Shaping/Max. Queue Bandwidth, Jumbo Frames, IGMP Snooping/Querier (v1/v2/v3), Unknown Multicast Filtering, IGMP Group Filtering per Port, Flow Control (802.3X), Egress Interface Shaping, Ingress Storm Protection


MRP Client, RSTP 802.1D-2004 (IEC62439-1), ERPS (G.8032), ERPS v2 (G.8032)


LLDP (802.1AB), LLDP-MED, Password change on first login, SSHv2, HTTP, HTTPS, Responsive GUI, SNMP v1/v2/v3, Traps, Telnet, TFTP, Dual Software Image Support


Management Address Conflict Detection, LEDs, Device Status Indication, Syslog, Link Speed and Duplex Monitoring, RMON (1, 2, 3, 9), Port Mirroring 1:1, Port Mirroring N:1, System Information, SFP Management


Web-based Management, HiDiscovery, Command Line Interface (CLI), Full-featured MIB Support


MAC Address Limit Per Port, Restricted Management Access, Appropriate Use Banner, Multiple Privilege Levels, Local User Management

Time synchronisation

NTP Client

Ambient conditions

MTBF (Telecordia SR-332 Issue 3) @ 25°C

3 867 661 h

Operating temperature

-40-+60 °C

Storage/transport temperature

-40 °C to +85 °C

Dimensions (WxHxD)

68 x 135 x 118 mm


680 g


DIN Rail

Protection class


EMC interference immunity

EN 61000-4-2 electrostatic discharge (ESD)

4 kV contact discharge, 8 kV air discharge

EN 61000-4-3 electromagnetic field

10 V/m (80 MHz - 1 GHz), 3 V/m (1,4 GHz – 6GHz)

EN 61000-4-4 fast transients (burst)

2 kV power line, 2 kV data line

EN 61000-4-5 surge voltage

power line: 2 kV (line/earth), 1 kV (line/line), 1 kV data line

EN 61000-4-6 Conducted Immunity

10 V (150 kHz-80 MHz)

EMC emitted immunity

EN 55032

EN 55032 Class A

FCC CFR47 Part 15

FCC 47CFR Part 15, Class A


Basis Standard

CE, FCC, EN61131

Safety of industrial control equipment

cUL 61010-1 (pending)



60 months (please refer to the terms of guarantee for detailed information)

Scope of delivery and accessories

Accessories to Order Separately

SFP Transceivers, Rail Power Supply, Mounting Accessories

Scope of delivery

Device, Terminal Block, Start-up Instructions, Saftey Instructions

Further Instructions

Product Documentation

Software Download


Update and Revision

Revision Number: 0.26 Revision Date: 01-11-2024

Part Numbers
Item # Type
942328005 LRS30-7TX/3SFP/1C