Tofino Firewall Software

The Tofino Configurator Software enables configuration of all Tofino devices from one workstation, quickly enabling you to create a model of your entire control system. Visual editing tools help you manage your configuration. For quick and consistent setup, use the pre-built asset templates for common control products to have the firewall suggest optimum rules that protect your control system. Alternatively, create your own templates to enforce corporate consistency in firewall rules.

Features & Benefits

  • Simplify Compliance: Comply with safety and security standards for superior protection against attacks and misconfigurations
  • Reduce Downtime: Manage large data deployment from a central location, while reducing maintenance costs and production losses
  • Lower Staffing Costs: Easy-to-use, intuitive user interface and automatic rule suggestions, templates and help files
  • Improve Reliability: Enjoy superior integration capabilities with Tripwire solutions