Intelligent Rack Manager and Upgrade Kit

Belden PatchPro® offers a complete intelligent ready physical layer management system that uses RFID (radio frequency identification) technology for wireless identification of individual patch cords and real-time monitoring of unintended physical changes in network infrastructure. Smart patch cords are equipped with an RFID chip containing idiosyncratic identification information (name, standard, manufacturer, etc.), which is recognized by the panel and automatically fed into the software for seamless real-time database documentation. Serving as the communication bridge between Belden PatchPro® Panels and the management console, the Network Manager features an embedded display that supplies information from up to 40 panels linked via a bus cable. Bus cable signals are converted to a SNMP/Ethernet protocol, and sent to the management console. The RFID component monitors all ports and transmits information to the Network Manager. LEDs provide visual support during the patching process, signaling unwanted changes.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy upgrade: 1U copper/fiber patch panels working as standard compliant connectivity and at the same time non-intrusive upgradable to intelligent management connectivity with simple hardware components
  • Rack Manager connect up to 40 copper and/or fiber patch panels
  • Simplified Install with fewer detachable components. No need for extra components that can get lost
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