WireNet CAT6A Patch cord UTP

WireNet CAT6A Patch cord UTP LSZH

WireNet CAT6A Unshielded LSZH Patch cord, 26AWG, Stranded
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Product Overview

Suitable Applications

Telecommunications Room, Main Distribution Room, Data Centers

Physical Characteristics (Overall)

Wiring Scheme



Individually packaged in a sealed plastic bag.

Electrical Characteristics

Dielectric Strength

1,000 V RMS @ 60 Hz for 1 minute

Temperature Range

Operating Temperature Range

-20°C to +60°C


Data Category

Category 6A

TIA/EIA Compliance

ISO/IEC 11801-1:2017; TIA 568-C.3

Applicable Environmental and Other Programs

Environmental Space


EU Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS)


EU Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2)


MII Order #39 (China RoHS)

EUP 50

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Update and Revision

Revision Number: 0.38 Revision Date: 04-14-2023

Part Numbers
Item # Color Length
CU-LPUABK001M Black 1 m
CU-LPUABK002M Black 2 m
CU-LPUABK003M Black 3 m
CU-LPUABK004M Black 4 m
CU-LPUABK005M Black 5 m
CU-LPUABK007M Black 7 m
CU-LPUABL001M Blue 1 m
CU-LPUABL002M Blue 2 m
CU-LPUABL003M Blue 3 m
CU-LPUABL004M Blue 4 m
CU-LPUABL005M Blue 5 m
CU-LPUABL007M Blue 7 m
CU-LPUAGY001M Grey 1 m
CU-LPUAGY002M Grey 2 m
CU-LPUAGY003M Grey 3 m
CU-LPUAGY004M Grey 4 m
CU-LPUAGY005M Grey 5 m
CU-LPUAGY007M Grey 7 m
CU-LPUARD001M Red 1 m
CU-LPUARD002M Red 2 m
CU-LPUARD003M Red 3 m
CU-LPUARD004M Red 4 m
CU-LPUARD005M Red 5 m
CU-LPUARD007M Red 7 m
CU-LPUAEW001M White 1 m
CU-LPUAEW002M White 2 m
CU-LPUAEW003M White 3 m
CU-LPUAEW004M White 4 m
CU-LPUAEW005M White 5 m
CU-LPUAEW007M White 7 m
CU-LPUAYL001M Yellow 1 m
CU-LPUAYL002M Yellow 2 m
CU-LPUAYL003M Yellow 3 m
CU-LPUAYL004M Yellow 4 m
CU-LPUAYL005M Yellow 5 m
CU-LPUAYL007M Yellow 7 m

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