Managed OT to Cloud Connectivity

IIoT — Proving Value Fast & Easily Scale Afterward

CloudRail streamlines industrial data acquisition, preprocessing it locally before seamless cloud transmission. Supporting new and existing setups, it employs standards like OPC-UA for modern equipment and retrofits older machines with secondary sensors. Automatic data normalization for 12,000+ sensors reduces the time to connect machines to the cloud from weeks to hours. Additionally, CloudRail provides a secure, cloud-based device management solution for globally distributed edge devices' deployment, management, and updates.


CloudRail acquires all data from the shop-floor (OT) and provides it ready-to-use for your IIoT application (IT). Modern machines or factory management systems are connected via OPC-UA. In brownfield scenarios secondary sensors are used to retrofit old assets. Additionally Modbus allows the connection of, for example, energy meters. CloudRail is compatible with all major cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba, Google and many more.


Related Services

Industrial Retrofitting

Equip old machines (brownfield) with additional sensors to gather data for IIoT applications like condition monitoring or predictive maintenance.

Compatible Sensors

CloudRail.Box works plug & play with all IO-Link sensors or actuators (over 12,000 sensor models).

CloudRail Partner Network

Find the right consulting or system integration partner to realize your next IIoT projects based on the CloudRail solution.