GarrettCom Solutions Are Being Discontinued

GarrettCom's solutions will reach End of Life (EOL) status by Dec. 31, 2023. This decision is due to component obsolescence. Alternative products are available through Belden's Hirschmann brand, which provide highly reliable connectivity for industrial applications.


Recommended replacements


Our team can help you find the best replacement product for your application. Here are the recommended replacements for a variety of GarrettCom solutions:


GarretCom Products Hirschmann Replacements
 All 6M Models OCTOPUS II
 All 6K16, 6K16V, 6KQE, 6KQ, 6KL Models BOBCAT
 All 6K25E, 6K25R, 6K32T, 6K32F, 10KT, 10KG, GE 12KX, 4K8, 4K16, and 4K24 Models GREYHOUND
 All ES42, ESD42, PES42, IPS42, CS14, CSG14, CSG14U, CSN14, S14, PS14, FT14, TF14, CP80, TA15, TB14, and some Dymec Models SPIDER Series
 All DX940 Models Contact us to select the best replacement for your application.   
 All 10RX Models Several replacements available; contact us to select the best one for your application. 


Please contact us with any questions about your existing GarrettCom product or for help selecting a replacement solution that will help ensure your application's long-term success.