Microphone Cable

Belden Microphone Cables are available in a variety of high-performance analog and digital options that withstand constant handling and use, as well as deployable cables for harsh environments. Belden also offers a variety of cables with specialty options, such as small diameters, high flexibility and pulling tensions up to 250 lbs.

Features & Benefits

  • High Performance: Our microphone cables are made with high-conductivity copper
  • Withstands Constant Use: Flexible EPDM rubber jackets are built to last
  • Experience Less Distortion: Cables feature low capacitance
Type Size Part Number Tech Data
Starquad 28 AWG 1804AProduct Detail
26 AWG 1172AProduct Detail
24 AWG 1192AProduct Detail
8404Product Detail
20 AWG 8424Product Detail
16 AWG 8407Product Detail
Rugged 24 AWG 8413Product Detail
9399Product Detail
20 AWG 8412Product Detail
1776Product Detail
8402Product Detail
18 AWG 8428Product Detail
16 AWG 8408Product Detail
Three Conductor 24 AWG 9398Product Detail
8406Product Detail
8403Product Detail
20 AWG 8423Product Detail
Digital, Low Capacitance 26 AWG 2221Product Detail
24 AWG 1800FProduct Detail
Other Variations 24 AWG 9397Product Detail
1812AProduct Detail
1813AProduct Detail
9452Product Detail
22 AWG 8422Product Detail
20 AWG 8412PProduct Detail
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