Triax, RG11, 15 AWG Str BC, Double BC Braids, PVDF Jkt, CMP

Triax, RG11, 15 AWG (19x27) Bare Copper Conductor, FEP Insulation, 95% Bare Copper Braid Shield, PVDF Insulation, 90% Bare Copper Braid Shield, PVDF Jacket, CMP
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Product Overview

Suitable Applications

Analog Video; Interconnect camera to CCU (camera control unit)

Construction Details

RG Type


Size Stranding Nom. Diameter Material
15 AWG 19x27 0.064 in BC - Bare Copper
Material Nom. Insulation Diameter
FEP - Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (Foam) 0.285 in (7.24 mm)
Inner Shield
Layer Shield Type Material Coverage
1 Braid Bare Copper (BC) 95%
Inner Jacket
Material Nom. Diameter
PVDF - Polyvinylidene Fluoride 0.350 in (8.89 mm)
Outer Shield
Layer Outer Shield Type Material Coverage
1 Braid Bare Copper (BC) 90%
Outer Jacket
Material Nom. Diameter
PVDF - Polyvinylidene Fluoride 0.406 in (10.3 mm)
Electrical Characteristics
Return Loss
Frequency Min. Return Loss
5 - 850 MHz 21 dB
850 - 4500 MHz 15 dB
Nom. Conductor DCR Nom. Inner Shield DCR Nom. Outer Shield DCR Nom. Capacitance Cond-to-Shield Nom. Characteristic Impedance Nom. Velocity of Prop.
3.0 Ohm/1000ft (9.8 Ohm/km) 1.4 Ohm/1000ft (4.6 Ohm/km) 1.3 Ohm/1000ft (4.3 Ohm/km) 16.5 pF/ft (54.1 pF/m) 75 Ohm 80%
UL Voltage Rating
300 V (CMP)
Mechanical Characteristics
UL Temperature Operating
125°C -20°C to +125°C
Bend Radius
Installation Min.
4.0 in

Max. Pull Tension

209 lbs (94.8 kg)

Bulk Cable Weight

127 lbs/1000ft

Standards and Compliance

Environmental Suitability

Indoor - Plenum, Indoor


CA Prop 65

Flammability / Reaction to Fire

NFPA 262

NEC / UL Compliance


CEC / C(UL) Compliance


European Directive Compliance

EU CE Mark, EU Directive 2015/863/EU (RoHS 2 amendment), REACH, EU Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2), EU Directive 2012/19/EU (WEEE)

APAC Compliance

China RoHS II (GB/T 26572-2011)


Update and Revision

Revision Number: 0.356 Revision Date: 11-09-2022

Part Numbers
Item # Color Putup Type Length UPC
1859A 010500 Black Reel 500 ft 612825125136
1859A 0101000 Black Reel 1,000 ft 612825125129
1859A 0103000 Black Reel 3,000 ft 612825381129
1859A 0105000 Black Reel 5,000 ft 612825435785
Product Bulletins
Compliance Documentation