SpaceMaker Space-Saving Cables

Connect machines and devices in space-constrained harsh industrial settings with these multi-use cables that are tailor-made for machine builders and device manufacturers' needs. Machine builders no longer have to design around bulky cables, and OEMs can increase productivity by easily adding more machinery to their already crowded factory floors. Let the compact design of Belden SpaceMaker cables provide a space-saving solution when space is at a premium.

Features & Benefits

  • Cost Efficiency: Reduce maintenance cost while protecting against downtime
  • Installation Efficiency: Simplify installation by routing cables around tight corners or in hard to reach spaces more easily
  • Save Space: Run more cables in existing space or eliminate excess space from designs
  • Suitable for Harsh Environments: Maintain peace of mind even when installation is exposed to liquids, extreme temperatures, abrasion, chemical exposure and heavy vibration
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