Indoor semi-tight buffered pigtail LSZH jacket Colored fiber for pigtail Simplex MM OM3.

Indoor semi-tight buffered pigtail with Low Smoke Zero Halogen outer jacket. Colored fiber for pigtail Simplex MM OM3.
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Product Overview

Environmental Space

Indoor (Not Riser or Plenum)

Suitable Applications

Flexible terminating leads such as pigtails, patchcords and test leads. Support all computer network applications such as FDDI, Gigabit Ethernet and ATM. Short distance applications for indoor use.

Fiber Cable Construction
Fiber Type Fiber Count
OM3 1
Buffer Specification
Fiber Type Buffer Construction Buffer Material Buffer Diameter
OM3 Semi-Tight LSZH - Low Smoke Zero Halogen (Flame Retardant) 0.9 mm

Bulk Cable Weight

0.67 kg/km

Jacket Specifications

Number of Jackets

Single Jacket

Type of Armor


Outer Jacket Specifications
Outer Jacket
Material Nominal Diameter Ripcord
LSZH - Low Smoke Zero Halogen (Flame Retardant) 0.9 mm No

Table Notes

Standard color: Orange. Available colors: Orange, Yellow, Turquoise, Erika Violet, Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Violet, Pink, Grey, White, Black, Lime Green

Optical Characteristics

Max. Attenuation at 1300 nm

0.9 dB/km

Max. Attenuation at 850 nm

2.9 dB/km

Mechanical Characteristics
Mechanical Tests
Description Tested Standard Requirement/Value
Cable Max. Tensile Strength Installation (Short Term) IEC 60794-1-21-E1 3 N (1 lbf)
Cable Max. Tensile Strength Operation (Long Term) IEC 60794-1-21-E1 1 N (0 lbf)
Cable Max. Crush Resistance Installation (Short Term) IEC 60794-1-21-E3 0.5 kN/m
Temperature Range

Operating Temperature Range

-40 °C to +70 °C

Installation Temperature Range

-15 °C to +50 °C

Storage Temperature Range

-40 °C to +70 °C


UL Rating/Flame Test

Non-UL Rated

IEC Flammability

IEC 60332-1-2

IEC 60754-1 - Halogen Amount


IEC 60754-2 - Halogen Acid Gas Amount - Max. Conductivity

10 µS/mm

IEC 60754-2 - Halogen Acid Gas Amount - Min. pH




ISO/IEC Compliance

IEC 60794

UV/ Sunlight Protection



Update and Revision

Revision Number: 0.125 Revision Date: 01-19-2023

Part Numbers
Item # Color Put-Up Type Length EAN
GIOSDG1.002100 Black Reel 2,100 m 8719605074836
GIOSDG1.102100 Blue Reel 2,100 m 8719605074935
GIOSDG1.042100 Brown Reel 2,100 m 8719605074874
GIOSDG1.082100 Gray Reel 2,100 m 8719605074911
GIOSDG1.052100 Green Reel 2,100 m 8719605074881
GIOSDG1.062100 Orange Reel 2,100 m 8719605074898
GIOSDG1.092100 Pink Reel 2,100 m 8719605074928
GIOSDG1.072100 Red Reel 2,100 m 8719605074904
GIOSDG1.112100 Turquoise Reel 2,100 m 8719605074942
GIOSDG1.032100 Violet Reel 2,100 m 8719605074867
GIOSDG1.012100 White Reel 2,100 m 8719605074843
GIOSDG1.022100 Yellow Reel 2,100 m 8719605074850