Ribbon Fiber Cable

As trends like virtualization and convergence bring increased traffic to 40G/100G data centers, cable with high fiber counts is needed to support growing bandwidth. Relative to cable size, Flexible Ribbon Cable provides the highest connectivity density to make every square foot count. Its small OD and superb flexibility make it easier and faster to handle, creating installation possibilities in narrow pathways and small conduit.

Features & Benefits

  • Easier Cable Pulling: Superb flexibility makes it ideal for narrow pathways and small conduits
  • Faster Deployment: Eliminate the sorting and ribbonization process
  • Maximum Flexibility: No preferential bend axis and a malleable fiber construction
  • Reduce Special Tools: Terminate multiple fibers at once for faster installation
  • Save Space: Maximize square footage while using a high-fiber-count cable
Type Rating Tech Data
Indoor (12-288 fibers)CMP Download
Indoor (12-288 fibers)CMR-LS Download
Indoor (12-1728 fibers)CMR Download
Indoor/Outdoor (12-288 fibers)CMR Download
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