Fiber Cable

Belden’s extensive line of indoor and outdoor cable products is offered in tight buffer and loose tube designs. Armored, burial, and ruggedized designs are suited to a host of industrial environments. For each product design, items for OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5, and OS2 (Singlemode) items have been developed. Belden fiber products are third-party tested by either ETL or UL and approved for use according to the National Electric Code.

Fiber Optic Cable Product Families
White Paper

More Fiber Connections are Coming: Are You Ready?

Mobile and wireless coverage have become as vital as a utility – just as important in our daily lives as water, electricity and gas. Downtime isn’t an option because, without connectivity, it’s hard to live our lives – and many systems won’t work properly.

In the future, connectivity demands will only increase. As they do, new capabilities and infrastructure will be needed to support them. For this reason, more fiber cable is being deployed to support our world’s bandwidth-intensive technology and the new experiences it offers.