Modbus Cable

Modbus has been a standard for interfacing remote I/O and PLCs into the process DLC system for over 20 years; most legacy control systems can integrate easily with Modbus. You can interface quickly and easily with most existing plant control architectures by using Belden Modbus Cables. Multiple options are available for a flexible, dependable Modbus solution.

Features & Benefits

  • Integrate with Existing Architecture: Interface easily into most plant control architectures with network distances up to 4,000 ft
  • Excellent Reliability: Modbus Cables have over 20 years of proven performance in mission-critical applications under harsh conditions
System Name AWG No. of Elements Extra Description** Technical Data
Modbus Plus24 1 Pair RS485 Paired Cable Download
Aluminum Armor Download
Steel Armor Download
High Temp. / Plenum Download
Modbus 223 PairStandard Modem Drop CableProduct Detail
Aluminum Armor Download
Steel Armor Download
High Temp. / PlenumProduct Detail
Modbus II 18 1 Coax Standard Quad Shield CoaxProduct Detail
High Temp. / PlenumProduct Detail
High FlexProduct Detail
Aluminum ArmorProduct Detail
Steel Armor
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