REVConnect 10GX Jacks

REVConnect 10GX UTP Modular Jack

REVConnect 10GX Jacks are available in several colors and packaging quantities.
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Product Overview

Suitable Applications

10GX System, TIA Category 6A, ISO Class EA, 10GBASE-T

Physical Characteristics (Overall)


0.94 in


0.64 in


1.337 in

Wiring Scheme



Individually packaged in a plastic bag.


0.016 lbs

Description Material Type
Front Connection Copper Clad Flexible PCB, 50uin Gold plated contacts over Nickel RJ45
Rear Connection Copper alloy, Gold plated contacts over Nickel REVConnect
Connector Body PBT glass reinforced UL94V-0
Electrical Characteristics

Dielectric Strength

1,000V RMS @ 60 Hz for 1 minute (Signals to Ground)

Current Rating

1.300 A

Insulation Resistance

500 M-Ohm Minimum

Max Contact Resistance

20 mOhm

Termination Resistance

2.5 mOhm

Temperature Range

Installation Temperature Range

-10°C To +60°C

Storage Temperature Range

-40°C To +70°C

Operating Temperature Range

-10°C To +60°C

Mechanical Characteristics



Tool Compatibility

REVConnect Termination Tool (p/n RVUTT01)

Plug /Jack Compatibility

RJ45, RJ11

Termination Front Connection

Mated Connection

Termination Front Connection Durability

750 cycles

Termination Rear Connection

Mated Connection

Termination Rear Connection Durability

20 cycles

Cable/Connector Retention

15 lbs.

Connector/Hardware Retention

20 lbs

Plug/Connector Retention

11.250 lbs


UL Rating


Data Category

Category 6A

TIA/EIA Compliance

Category 6A - TIA 568.C.2, Category 6A - ISO/IEC 11801:2002 Ed.2

IEEE Compliance

Power Over Ethernet (PoE) IEEE 802.3at type 1 and 2 (up to 30W), IEEE802.3bt/D1.7 type 3 and 4 (up to 100W), CISCO UPOE (up to 60W), Power over HDBaseTTM (up to 100W)

Other Standards

IEC 60603-7

Applicable Environmental and Other Programs

Environmental Space


EU Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS)


MII Order #39 (China RoHS)

EUP 50

Flammability, LS0H, Toxicity Testing

UL Flammability

UL2043 Air Handling Spaces

Safety Listing

c(UL)us Listed

Related Part Numbers

Related Parts

Compatible with KeyConnect Faceplates, Adapters, Boxes and Patch Panels

Product Notes

Included Parts

1 Cat 6A REVConnect Jack; 1 REVConnect Cable Manager and Cap; 1 Installation Guide


Please see Installation Guide PX106434.


Update and Revision

Revision Number: 0.341 Revision Date: 02-12-2024

Part Numbers
Item # Color Packaging
RVAMJKUAL-B24 Almond Bulk Pack (24)
RVAMJKUAL-S1 Almond Single Pack
RVAMJKUBK-B24 Black Bulk Pack (24)
RVAMJKUBL-B24 Blue Bulk Pack (24)
RVAMJKUBL-S1 Blue Single Pack
RVAMJKUBR-B24 Brown Bulk Pack (24)
RVAMJKUBR-S1 Brown Single Pack
RVAMJKUEW-B24 Electric White Bulk Pack (24)
RVAMJKUEW-S1 Electric White Single Pack
RVAMJKUGY-B24 Gray Bulk Pack (24)
RVAMJKUGY-S1 Gray Single Pack
RVAMJKUGN-B24 Green Bulk Pack (24)
RVAMJKUGN-S1 Green Single Pack
RVAMJKUIV-B24 Ivory Bulk Pack (24)
RVAMJKUIV-S1 Ivory Single Pack
RVAMJKUOR-B24 Orange Bulk Pack (24)
RVAMJKUOR-S1 Orange Single Pack
RVAMJKUPR-B24 Purple Bulk Pack (24)
RVAMJKUPR-S1 Purple Single Pack
RVAMJKURD-B24 Red Bulk Pack (24)
RVAMJKURD-S1 Red Single Pack
RVAMJKUYL-B24 Yellow Bulk Pack (24)
RVAMJKUYL-S1 Yellow Single Pack