Lumberg Automation Sensor/Actuator Connectors

Rely on our extensive portfolio of Sensor/Actuator Connectors for your factory or machinery automation setup. You’ll find just what you need with this industry-proven market standard for decades. Flexible and robust designs, as well as a remarkably large number of standard and special options, make Sensor/Actuator Connectors from Lumberg Automation suitable for a wide variety of applications and markets, such as food and beverage, transportation, automotive or material handling. NEW M8/M12 Field Attachable Connectors with an IDC design for termination speeds installation, increasing uptime and lowering cost.

Features & Benefits

  • Global Usability: Internationally standardized connector technology with various codings to ensure global usability
  • Maximize Efficiency: Save time and effort with a quick and easy installation
  • Comprehensive Portfolio: Various product elements, such as right angled or straight, LED lights, field attachable or receptacles, and many pole options
  • Future-Oriented: Better use of I/O module capacity supports the decentralization approach of cyber-physical systems
  • User-Friendly Design: The M12 T-Splitter offers a unique, compact, offset design giving more room to work when installing & maintaining devices on walls
  • Technical Detail
TypeProduct Detail
Receptacles; Single-Ended Cordsets; M12-M12 Cordsets and M12-M8 CordsetsM12 Series
Receptacles; Single-Ended Cordsets; M8-M8 Cordsets and M8-M12 Cordsets M8 Series
T-Splitter M8 and M12 Splitter
Dust Caps; Stripping Tools; Torque Wrench Attachment; Receptacle Panel Nuts; Locking Clips and Mounting Clips Accessories
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