• Hirschmann-EAGLEONE

Hirschmann EAGLE One Industrial Firewall/VPN Router System

The EAGLE One is a powerful Layer 2/3 stateful inspection firewall, ensuring maximum data security for production networks. A combination of proven software with state-of-the-art hardware, this firewall reliably safeguards or segments networks into separate security zones (defense-in-depth) and can be used in virtually any industrial environment. Count on the EAGLE One to enhance existing security capabilities and guard against accidental network events and unforeseen security threats.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy Integration: Firewall Learning Mode reduces installation risks, including network interruptions and configuration errors
  • Maximum Security: Advanced redundancy features include Layer 2/3 functions for switch-over to a standby device during a fault or failure
  • Withstand Harsh Conditions: Suitable for areas with explosive or hazardous materials
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