Lumberg Automation BEETLE Single Pair Ethernet Lite Managed Switch

As industrial environments evolve, enterprises connect more field devices and gather more data. However, they need to consider space and weight constraints and simplify network infrastructure. SPE cables make this possible. The Lumberg Automation BEETLE Single Pair Ethernet Lite Managed Switch supports the transition to future-ready networks built with SPE technology. With BEETLE, industrial organizations can scale operations while achieving greater range and long-term cost savings.

Features & Benefits

  • Transmit Ethernet up to at least 1 km: Meets the 10BASE-T1L standard for long-distance Ethernet.
  • Simplify configuration and maintenance: Streamline installation and maintenance and reduce operating costs with fewer gateways and protocols in use.
  • Save space: Supports Ethernet transmission via a single wire pair that is lighter and more compact than traditional Ethernet cables.
  • Gain essential lite managed switch features: Provides an optimized price-performance ratio and lower long-term total cost of ownership.
  • Reduce network complexity: Integrate sensors and actuators directly into the network without the need for an additional gateway.
TypeProduct DescriptionPort Type and QuantityOrder NumberProduct Detail
BEETLE Single Pair Ethernet Lite Managed SwitchLight Managed SPE Switch with 8 ports and 10BASE-T1L2 x 10/100BASE-TX935800001 BTL-1-L-5-1-6-W2-08T1-2-02TX-S-Z9-HH-HH
8 x 10BASE-T1L
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