GREYHOUND 103 Ethernet Switches

The perfect platform for applications that do not require high bandwidth, the GREYHOUND 103 switches provide an industrial access layer that connects field-level devices, including sensors, actuators and PLCs. Designed to provide maximum uptime, with best-in-class network security, the devices are hardened for extreme environments, reliable, and easy-to-use and maintain.

Features & Benefits

  • Cost-Effective: Easily add switches to upgrade networks as application needs grow, especially for MACH102 media module customers
  • Future-Proof: Connect a growing number of devices and meet rising bandwidth demands with 22 Fast Ethernet ports and 4 Fast/Gigabit combo ports
  • Flexible: Customize based on specific application needs, including port speed, media type, power supply and more
  • Secure: Protect networks against attacks and operating errors with HiOS switch software that combines performance and security
Product DescriptionPort Type and Quantity Product DetailProduct Detail
GREYHOUND 103 Series, Managed Industrial Workgroup Switch, fanless design, 19˝ rack mount, up to 4 fiber ports and 26 ports in total Base unit: 4 x FE/GE Combo + 6 x FE TX. Expandable with two Media Modules (8 FE ports per module)12W (without media modules)GRS103-6TX/4C-1HV-2A
13W (without media modules)GRS103-6TX/4C-2HV-2A
4 x FE/GE Combo + 22 x FE TX16WGRS103-22TX/4C-1HV-2A
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