All CloudRail edge devices are controlled through the central and cloud-based CloudRail Device Management Cloud (CloudRail.DMC). Provision new devices, deploy Edge Functions, monitor the device status, install updates and many more. Browser based, accessible from everywhere in the world and secure. Security features like end-to-end encryption, TPMs, failover scenarios or multi-role user access fulfill all requirements of enterprise customers.

Features & Benefits

  • Plug & play device provisioning & data normalization: A device library in OS connects to over 12.000 industrial sensors or actuators to any cloud — plug & play in less than a minute. Just plug-in a sensor, select the cloud and you’re done!
  • Simple to install: Connects new machines (Greenfield) as well as legacy systems (Brownfield) to the cloud within hours instead of weeks.
  • Easy to scale: Scales from a PoC with just one machine up to millions of connected assets through central device management and remote provisioning.
  • Fully secure: Meets the security and compliance requirements of enterprise customers providing end-to-end encrypted connectivity and remote updates.
  • Compatibly: Connects directly to AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, SAP, Alibaba and more.