Secure Defined Perimeter Suite

macmon Secure Defined Perimeter (SDP) Suite is the key for secure access to all company resources whether they are local or in clouds. macmon SDP ensures a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) that is getting more and more important in IT and OT. ZTNA is based on the IT approach of not trusting a device or a user until it is definitively authenticated, to minimalize threat vectors. As our working environment is increasingly reshaped by mobile working, digitalization, the Internet of Things and the outsourcing of various services to clouds, ZTNA must continue to be a key component of integrative IT security solutions in the future. The macmon SDP Suite takes this change into account.

Features & Benefits

  • Ensures Zero Trust Network Access approach: ZTNA in both IT and OT environments to significantly minimize attack vectors.
  • Secure and direct communication: Additional Security through multi-factor authentication and time saving through Single Sign-on.
  • One solution for access to all company resources: Whether in the local network or in the private or public cloud.
  • A software that supports all networks: No initial investments in hardware necessary.
SDP Functions Description More Info
Next Generation VPN The macmon SDP feature "Next Generation VPN" is used to control access to traditional local resources in the corporate network.Product Details
Private Cloud Protection Resources in private data centers can be accessed via the macmon SDP Cloud Gateway.  Product Details
Public Cloud Protection Resources in the public cloud can be accessed with macmon SDP Controller and Single Sign-on.  Product Details