• Hirschmann-MACH-1040-Switches

MACH 1040 Switches

The MACH 1040 switches are designed specifically for use in the power industry. MACH 1040 switches can be connected to form sub-networks, which in turn can be linked up to each other. Due to their robust fanless design, the MACH 1040 have an ability to withstand extreme temperatures while operating efficiently. These switches guarantee the highest degree of availability for product facilities with their Fast HIPER Ring redundancy mechanism.

Features & Benefits

  • High-Speed: Experience wire-speed technology for extremely fast functions including static and dynamic routing with non-blocking architecture
  • Easy Monitoring: Check the status of every switch locally using indicator contacts while also using management software like Industrial HiVision
  • Exceptional Performance: Maintain communication with excellent noise immunity, high vibration resistance and a redundant power supply