Fiber LAN Housings

Belden's FX Enterprise Closet X (FX ECX) Patch Panel system is an elegant, intuitive and flexible solution that has been designed to maximize installer flexibility when compared to industry-leading solutions. FX ECX Housings in 1U, 2U and 4U have been optimized for LAN environments, and provide an easy-to-deploy, efficient solution for installers. FX ECX supports up to 192 LC Duplex ports (384 fibers) in a 4U housing.

Features & Benefits

  • Maximum Flexibility: Front and Rear removable cassettes on all housings (1U, 2U, 4U), plus multiple options for cable strain relief
  • Simplified Installation: Cassette rails are molded into housings, eliminating extra plastic rail components that can get lost
  • Leverage Mixed Media: Mix and match copper/fiber using KeyConnect frames while leveraging our broad line of copper connectivity products
  • Improved Visibility: Tool-less, removable, clear doors and top covers and a clear top cover for better light and visibility
Description Part Number Tech Data
FX ECX 1U Housing, 19" width ECX-01U Download
FX ECX 2U Housing, 19" width ECX-02U Download
FX ECX 4U Housing, 19" width ECX-04U Download
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