Patch Panels and Intelligent Patch Cords

Belden offers a wide variety of connectivity solutions for both copper and fiber. These product lines are intelligent ready and feature non-intrusive upgradability to Intelligent Physical Managed (iPLM) solutions available in various copper categories and fiber types exceeding TIA performance with 25% headroom for the entire channel end-to-end unique in the market. The copper portfolio features our innovative REVConnect connectivity, and our Fiber portfolio uses exclusively best-in-class performance components easy to install and maintain accessibility for MAC’s (Make Add Changes).

Features & Benefits

  • High performance - copper/fiber in the platform using 10GX REVConnect and FX PPRO Best-In-Class exceeding standard performance connectivity products.
  • Maximum Flexibility: 1U copper/fiber patch panels working as standard compliant connectivity and at the same time non-intrusive upgradable to intelligent managed connectivity with simple hardware components
  • Simplified Install with fewer detachable components. No need for extra components that can get lost.
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