Fiber Pre-Term Assemblies

Fiber patch cords, hydra patch cords, mass fusion pigtails, MPO trunk assemblies and multi-fiber cable assemblies are available from Belden. Offering superior quality and performance, they deliver a robust design to withstand the rigors of daily use in both off-the-shelf standard configurations and custom tailored installations. Take advantage of architectural design flexibility with low-loss OM4 0.2 dB MPO and 0.15 dB LC connectors.


Why Fusion May Be the Best Choice for Fiber Cable Splicing

Josh Goyke 10.17.2019

When you’re working with fiber, cable splicing may be necessary for a few reasons. First, it can repair a broken fiber link. Or it can connect 250-micron OSP fiber to 900-micron fiber at the building entrance. It also can be used for fiber termination, creating links inside a data center or enterprise network. Regardless of the purpose of your cable splicing, the goal is always the same: To join two optical fibers together in a way that’s strong, secure and high-performing to ensure excellent signal transmission from one cable to the next.