Upgrade AFS View 250 Nodes

Upgrade of network management software for monitoring of industrial networks with up to 250 nodes

***no longer available*** pgrade of network management software for monitoring of industrial networks with up to 250 nodes (IP addresses). Valid to upgrade v4.x to the current version.
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Product description


Upgrade AFS View 250 Nodes

Version + Nodes

Upgrade version - 250 nodes


License enables supervision of up to 250 nodes (IP addresses).

Configuration features

Configuration functions

Individual device configuration. Configuration of multiple devices simultaneously. Configuration of identical parameters across multiple device types simultaneously. Firmware update of multiple devices.

Diagnostics features

Alarm and event actions

Alarm and event logging. Alarm actions such as message window, email, Push notifications, SMS and start executable. Event forwarding to Syslog server. Audible alarm.

Event generation

polling and SNMPv1 trap support


Graphical status representation for devices, links, power supplies, fans, and any other device sub-component. Status displays for third-party products. All statuses are configurable. Supports multiple topology windows and a network hierarchy view. User configurable event log. Customisable event actions. Reporting tool. Project setup wizard. Hierarchical supervision structure. Task scheduler.

Topology recognition

Topology recognition is based on LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol, IEEE802.1AB) and Learned Address Tables. Switches, routers, WLAN devices, unmanaged switches/hubs, and end devices are supported. Can also map networks behind a router. Path Availability Calculation.


Operating system

Windows 7 (64 Bit), Windows 8.1 (64 Bit), Windows 10 Version 1803 (64 Bit); Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019; PC Linux:64 Bit: Kernel 3.10, libc 6 (approved for Debian and Red Hat); Debian 8/9/10, Red Hat 7/8


Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, Java runtime environment 1.5.0 is also installed



x86 compatible CPU, min. 1 GHz

Hard disk space

2 GB free


1 GB, 2 GB recommended


Ethernet network with TCP/IP protocol stack. Supports multiple network cards.

SCADA /Process visualisation

ActiveX Control

Graphical User Interface can be reused inside SCADA systems via an ActiveX control

OPC Server

Map device and connection states as well as device properties. Can be used inside SCADA systems via the OPC Data Access 2.0/3.0 interface.

Supported protocols

AFS Finder, ICMP (Ping), SNMPv1, SNMPv3, OPC DA 2.0/3.0

Language Support

Manual and help texts

Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Menus and dialogs

Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Scope of delivery and accessories

Modules and components

AFS660, AFS665, AFS670 V2.0, AFF660, AFF665, AFS650, AFS655, AFS670, AFS675, AFS677, AFR677, AFF650, Meinberg LANTIME GPS, Meinberg LANTIME M300, Meinberg LANTIME M600, Epson FX-2190, Epson AcuLaser C1100N, any third-party SNMP capable device, any ICMP(Ping) capable device.


Update and Revision

Revision Number: 0.33 Revision Date: 06-19-2023

Part Numbers
Part Number Type
942 071-250 Upgrade AFS View 250 Nodes

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