Rack & Cabinet Accessories

Rack and Cabinet accessories are designed to maximize cable density and protection, while simplifying moves, adds and changes. Belden’s Zero U Vertical Panel accommodates fiber and copper connectivity without taking up valuable rack space. Horizontal and Vertical Cable Managers allow routing of copper and fiber cables/patch cords while helping maintain proper bend radius. Rack or Cabinet-Level Access Control Systems, Shelves, Filler Panels and additional hardware are also available.


The Time-Saving Benefits of Zone Distribution

Denis Blouin 08.11.2017

As digital buildings become more prevalent, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) and wireless are relied on more and more, zone distribution is no longer limited to open-office space. Delivering network connections out across different environments – from manufacturing floors to hotel rooms – supports Internet of Things and allows for easy movement and repositioning of connected devices without reconfiguration or long cable runs back to the telecommunications room.