Speaker Cable

Belden offers quality Speaker Cables that are suitable for commercial and professional installations so you can reliably connect speakers to receivers or power amplifiers. Available options include plenum, indoor/outdoor, halogen-free, direct burial and Class 1 configurations. Belden's Speaker Cable line includes direct-burial cable with ultra-high purity (99.995%), sometimes described as "oxygen-free" copper (OFC).

Features & Benefits

  • Easy Pulling & Stripping: Belden's quality jacketing saves installation time and money
  • Solid Construction: Features electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) virgin copper
  • Easy Identification: Cable jackets feature footage room and zone markings
Bare Copper
Rating Size Part Number Tech Data
14 AWG5100UP Download
12 AWG5000UP Download
10 AWG5T00UP Download
Plenum22 AWG6500UE Download
20 AWG6400UE Download
18 AWG6300UE Download
16 AWG6200UE Download
14 AWG6100UE Download
12 AWG6000UE Download
10 AWG6T00UP Download
Riser22 AWG5500UE Download
20 AWG5400UE Download
18 AWG5300UE Download
16 AWG5200UE Download
14 AWG5100UE Download
18 AWG5000UE Download
Non-Plenum, High Flex18 AWG5300UP Download
16 AWG5200UP Download
Tinned Copper
Rating Size Part Number Tech Data
18 AWG6300UH Download
16 AWG6200UH Download
14 AWG6100UH Download
12 AWG6000UH Download
Riser 22 AWG5500UH Download
20 AWG5400UH Download
18 AWG5300UH Download
16 AWG5200UH Download
14 AWG5100UH Download
12 AWG5000UH Download
Plenum 22 AWG6500UH Download
20 AWG6400UH Download
Class 1 Rated
Rating Size Part NumberTech Data
8 AWG8808WB Download
Non-Plenum14 AWG8814 Download
12 AWG8812 Download
10 AWG8810 Download
8 AWG8808 Download
6 AWG8806 Download
High Strand10 AWG8810H Download
8 AWG8808H Download
Waterblocked10 AWG8810WB Download
Oxygen-Free, High Conductivity
Conductor CountSize Part Number Tech Data
2 Conductor16 AWG1307A Download
14 AWG1309A Download
12 AWG1311A Download
10 AWG1313A Download
4 Conductor 16 AWG1308A Download
14 AWG1310A Download
12 AWG1312A Download
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