Flex Cable

Be confident in your mission-critical application installations. Across the entire range of MachFlex™ Flexible Cables, you can decrease total cost of ownership of machines through reduced cable maintenance costs and improved uptime by specifying reliable cabling infrastructure. Solve the space-saving puzzle by utilizing flexible cables designed for tight spaces while maintaining physical and mechanical requirements needed for rigorous motion.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for Movement: Cables maintain physical and mechanical requirements needed to perform
  • Reduced Costs: Consistent performance requires less overall cable maintenance and lower costs
  • Save Space: Use in compact areas to allow additional cable runs while maintaining toughness needed for flexing
  • Superior Performance: Guaranteed by a 10-year warranty
  • Safeguard Machinery: Suitable for NFPA 79 applications
Type Voltage/Resistance Flex CyclesShieldingMachFlex™ Series Technical Data
Control (AWM) 600V 1 million Unshielded 73000W Download
Braid 73000WS Download
14 million Unshielded 77000W Download
Braid 77000WS Download
Control (PLTC, PLTC-ER)300V & 600V 1 million Unshielded 7400WProduct Detail
Braid 7400WS Download
10 million Unshielded 7100W Download
Braid 7100WS Download
Data 300V 6 million Foil + Spiral76000WS Download
Foil + Braid 76000TS Download
Data (RS232/422/486) 100 - 150 Ohm 1 millionFoil + Braid 7200AProduct Detail
Data (Vision Systems) 75 Ohm 1 million Braid 7500AProduct Detail
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