Lumberg Automation Circular Connectors M12 Power Series

The M12 Power Series opens the world of conventional M12 technology to high-power transmission. Carrying 24 A at 630 V it is your answer to the increasing demand for powerful connectivity in the smallest possible housings. It’s designed to withstand the harshest conditions and demanding applications with an operating temperature of up to +125°. The M12 Power Splitter is an affordable way of distributing power and providing a cost-effective, safe and reliable solution for high-power transmission. The M12 Power AWG 14 Angled Shielded Cordset delivers power over long distances in a compact design with thicker wire optimized for industrial environments and tight spaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive Portfolio: Seamless family of cordsets, field attachables, connectors, receptacles and cabling with versions to meet the needs of almost every application
  • Ruggedized Performance: High-class material and global industry approvals to withstand the harshest conditions and demanding applications
  • Versatile to Use: Full power in hot, noisy, dusty, wet or moving applications
  • Technical Detail

Introducing the M12 Power AWG 14 Angled Cordset


See how the new M12 Power AWG 14 Angled Shielded cordset accommodates tight spaces and reduces voltage loss ensuring reliable operations for long distance power transmission and distribution.


M12 Power Connectors
GenderDesignPoles Type
Male or FemaleStraight or Angled 4- and 5-poles Field Attachables
Front or Rear MountReceptacles
Straight or AngledSingle-Ended Cordsets
Straight or AngledDouble-Ended Cordsets
H shape or T shapeSplitter
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