MediaFlex Module Inserts, along with MediaFlex Multimedia Inserts and MediaFlex Filler Inserts, allow for easy configuration of outlets. All inserts are front loaded and easily snapped in and out of the MediaFlex Plates for simple installation and maintenance. MediaFlex Module Inserts are available in a 2-port configuration in flush and angled versions for KeyConnect and MDVO modules. The inserts are two units high for the flush version and three units high for the angled version.

Features & Benefits

  • Fill Unused Spaces: Ideal for low-density workstation outlets; available in one-unit and two-unit sizes
  • Easy Configuration: Optimum flexibility in configuring multimedia workstation outlets that respond to any present or future network needs
  • Manage Cable Bend Radius: MediaFlex Multimedia Inserts are available in angled versions
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