Seven Ways to Reduce Data Center Complexity in Healthcare

White Paper Henry Franc and Shad Sechrist


What Is This White Paper About?


Along with the new technology and applications emerging over the past several years—IoT, IT/OT convergence, virtualization, increased security requirements, edge computing and the cloud, for example—comes more data center complexity.

As technology and its usage become more complicated, it’s not unusual for any complex project, let alone your healthcare organization’s data center infrastructure, to become more complex and convoluted as well.

Complexity arises when products, tools and resources not designed to work together are used to support a network. This mix-and-match approach can occur for a variety of reasons, but it often happens because today’s technology demands require data center managers to move quickly. There often appears not enough time to be practical, to do things the “right way” or to think through long-term ramifications.

Topics covered in the White Paper:

  • Why Does Data Center Complexity Matter in your Data Center?
  • 7 Ways to Reduce Complexity in your Data Center
  • Belden's Specific Approach to Decreasing Complexity

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