Bringing DAS to Buildings

White Paper Ron Tellas

Enhanced Indoor Coverage


What Is This White Paper About?

When you stop to think about how much workplaces have changed in the last decade, you realize how dependent we have become on mobile connectivity for nearly everything: communication, information transfer, media consumption, building control, etc.

Because of how we use our devices, mobile and wireless coverage have become as vital as a utility. In fact, wireless connectivity has been dubbed the “fourth utility,” meaning that it’s just as expected – and as needed – as other utilities like water, electricity and gas. Buildings of all types and sizes are expected to make connectivity reliable and effortless – regardless of the number of people and devices trying to connect at once.

As our networks are expected to connect us without wires, and maintain our mobility, how can they keep up? How can we continue to support increasing numbers of devices and mobile users without interrupting the speed of the content being created and shared?

A distributed antenna system (DAS) can make it happen.

Topics covered in the White Paper:

  • Overview
  • What is DAS?
  • How DAS Works
  • Technology Supported by DAS
  • Powering in a DAS
  • How Belden Helps?

Download this white paper to learn when to bring DAS to your building!

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