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This white paper explains:WP00027 TSN

  • TSN mechanisms & interdependencies

  • Understand why TSN is not “just another standard,” but a new evolution in mission-critical networking

  • Learn why TSN technology will help the IIoT and Industry 4.0 realize their full potential

  • Learn how TSN enables different traffic on the same network while providing the highest level of determinism in latency and jitter

  • Discover the profound impact TSN will have on automation networks of the future

You'll be on your way to knowing real-time communication today & in the world of Industrial IoT!

From the white paper:

"While in current facilities, timesensitive control data is often transmitted via dedicated networks built only for that particular purpose, it is foreseeable that in the future this control data will be transmitted in parallel with „Best Effort“ data (e.g. configuration and monitoring data) and data with „soft“ real-time requirements (e.g. video data from surveillance cameras) over a common network infrastructure."

"With TSN, deterministic data transmission with standardized Ethernet according to IEEE 802.1 and 802.3 is possible for the first time. The operating spectrum of TSN permits its use in various fields of application with, in part, strong differences in requirements for transmission latency, jitter and fault tolerance."

"When looking at the future of automation networks, a consistent increase in the significance of TSN is foreseeable. Even today, the field of industrial automation is in a period of transition that is driven by the vision of permitting much more flexible, more intelligent and more dynamic production facilities than is currently possible."

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