The Secret to Navigating In-Building Wireless: Find the Right Partner

White Paper Ron Tellas and Steve Carroll


What Is This White Paper About?


In-building wireless networks are transforming as technology advancements, increasing user demands, more traffic and new IoT devices lead the change.

In the past, mobile carriers were big investors in wireless infrastructure. If they knew their customers would be in or near a venue—a high-rise office, arena or shopping district, for example—then they would help fund that facility’s wireless infrastructure to provide customers the best experience possible (sometimes even paying a monthly fee to rent space for the infrastructure).

Today, this approach has changed. Because most carriers no longer have the budgets to continue operating this way, the onus is now on enterprises to provide their own in-building wireless.

Topics covered in the White Paper:

  • Introduction
  • Do They Know the Industry Inside and Out?
  • Will We Be Able to Get Exactly What We Need?
  • Will They Help Us Prepare for the Future?
  • Do They Own the Manufacturing Process?
  • Do They Offer Something Different?
  • Belden's Dedication to Wireless Infrastructure

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