Network Access Control Management Summary


Current Network Security Challenges and Arguments for Implementing macmon NAC

The threat posed by cyber attacks has intensified in recent years. Securing networks is an ever-growing issue for decision-makers. More investments are made in cyber security, yet the number of cyber incidents is not decreasing. In addition to the constant professionalization of attackers, production networks are becoming more and more digitalized. This results into numerous new potentials as well as new risks. Security measures must grow in line with technical developments. The growing importance of making the right decisions in the area of security investments is becoming apparent. Interoperability, flexibility and a reliable security architecture are increasingly becoming factors in the speed of business growth.  

This white paper presents the benefits, potential savings and successes from implementing the network access control solution macmon NAC and why this security investment is worthwhile for companies of all sizes.  

What's inside:

  •     Current challenges for cyber security and network security
  •     Functionalities of macmon NAC
  •     Savings potential and advantages of macmon NAC
  •     Success Stories