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Intent-based network planning and configuration with our PROVIZE Planner and save time with efficient device commissioning with our PROVIZE Explorer


Network planning includes many different types of tasks, such as creating topologies and bills of materials. Additionally, as digitization and automation expand, the number of devices on networks grows. For those cases, we offer our PROVIZE Network Planning and Management Suite to support efficient device commissioning as well as intent-based network planning and configuration.

Part of Belden’s PROVIZE Network Management Suite, PROVIZE Planner simplifies network planning and configuration. PROVIZE Planner allows users to design networks before buying equipment, saving time and resources.

  • Easy-to-use with an intuitive interface and drag-and-drop network design capabilities.
  • Intent-based network planning and configuration through automatic translation of user intents into configurations.
  • Automatic bill of materials (BOM) generation that identifies relevant equipment based on users’ defined network topologies.

PROVIZE Explorer simplifies device commissioning. The software detects devices that have not yet been commissioned and supports configuration of management IP addresses and credentials.

  • Access Hirschmann interface without installing Java libraries on user’s PCs.
  • Simplify initial configuration of IP addresses and credentials via easy-to-use software.
  • Enhance security by verifying device security certificates and enabling the configuration of initial security device settings. 

PROVIZE Software Versions


Type PROVIZE Planner PROVIZE Planner Essentials PROVIZE Planner Professional PROVIZE Explorer PROVIZE Explorer Professional
Order No. 942340002 942338001 942338002 942340001 942338003
Product Description Free Version Paid Version
Paid Version Free Version Paid Version
  • Topology Planning, including BRS and GRS switches
  • Location Settings
  • BOM Creation
  • All Features of Free PROVIZE Planner Version
  • Redundancy (MRP)
  • Limited Subnet Configuration, including IPv4 and VLAN Configurations Export Functionality
  • Limited CLI Template Stacks Configuration
  • CLI Configuration Export
  • Redundancy

  • All Features of Free PROVIZE Planner and Paid PROVIZE Essentials Version
  • Unlimited CLI Template and Template Stacks Configuration
  • Unlimited Subnet Configuration

  • Basic Commissioning of Belden Devices
  • All Features of Free PROVIZE Explorer Version
  • MultiConfig Commissioning
  • MultiConfig Password Change
  • MultiConfig Initial IPv4 Assignment
  • Upload CLI Script
  • Upload and Install Firmware Versions


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