Sensor To Cloud Webinar Series

Welcome to a new technology webinar series by Belden

In this new technology webinar series, Belden’s Solutions Experts will talk about the importance of seamlessly integrating OT networks to the cloud. In six episodes, they will delve deeper into some intriguing questions:

  • Is Sensor to Cloud actually happening, and what does it really mean?
  • As a network engineer, do I need to worry about Sensor to Cloud?
  • How easy is it to manage such an extensive network design?
  • What will happen to my data, and is it still secure?
  • How do I add data analytics and intelligence to my OT network?

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Solution ExpertSubject Link
Ciaran BurnsDecoding Sensor to Cloud Download
Svenja LitzIndustrial Ethernet at Sensor LevelView Now
Geert BrackeRole of Infrastructure in Sensor to CloudView Now
Ignacio Bravo Sensor Data Analytics with Edge SolutionsView Now
Tobias Heer Secure Sensor Data at All Network LevelsView Now
Mark Cooksley Manage your Sensor to Cloud as a Single NetworkView Now