Future-Proofing the Distributed Data Center with High-Speed Fiber Networks

Special Report Data Center Frontier 02.15.2022

What Is This Special Report About?


Contrary to popular belief, data centers aren’t dinosaurs. In fact, the industry is growing at a rapid pace driven by the Internet of Things, the wide adoption of smart technology, the growth in online shopping, and the shift to remote work. But tomorrow’s data centers won’t look much like their predecessors. Data centers are evolving from centralized facilities into a decentralized network of resources tied together by a robust cloud infrastructure. High-speed fiber networks will be a key part of data center infrastructure.

In this special report, we look at how high-speed fiber networks can future-proof distributed data centers. First, they outline how the growing volume of data managed by data centers has created complexity. They also explore the impact of evolving IT strategies and the demand for more flexible architectures.

The paper then outlines five key factors that IT leaders should be thinking about when it comes to future-proofing their infrastructure. These factors include resiliency, security, performance, cost, and network topology. Finally, the paper explains why fiber-optic cables and connectors are the best way to future-proof your network infrastructure.


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