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Creating a more connected, responsible and sustainable world for all.

A Message from our CEO

Roel Vestjens Belden CEO

We believe that as a company we have a responsibility to make a positive, meaningful impact in the industries we serve and to the communities in which we operate. Along with our 8,500 associates across the world, I am committed to this end. 

Our ESG journey is guided by our shared Values and we are dedicated to continuously improving our impact through establishing visible and measurable progress. I hope you find value in reading where we are today and following our improvements.

Roel Vestjens Belden CEO




Roel Vestjens, President & Chief Executive Officer




Our Commitment to ESG Stewardship 

With more than 120 years in operation, Belden has earned a reputation for doing business in a responsible and ethical manner. Today, as a global automation, security, and infrastructure solutions provider, we empower companies around the world to advance their impact in the world—and our commitment to delivering the right results in the right way is stronger than ever. 


Our Approach and Strategy

In 2021, under the oversight of our ESG Steering Committee, we engaged a third party to conduct our first materiality assessment* to identify the ESG topics that are most relevant to our stakeholders and to our business. By engaging both internal and external stakeholders, we have developed a framework for our management of the identified strategic priority ESG topics and to guide our strategy in making measurable progress. To put our ambitions into action, we have established goals for our strategic priority ESG topics, including carbon reduction goals for 2025.


*View the complete results of our Materiality Matrix and our approach to Stakeholder Engagement on our ESG Tearsheet.